Five standout tech messages here for me from this DLA Piper report launched at their Tech Law London event this week: 1. Comfort with cloud; 2. Cyber confidence/concern; 3. AI acceptance; 4. Digital transformation reticence and 5. Harnessing big data

  1. Comfort with cloud: only 47% view security and data privacy as barriers to cloud adoption (55% in 2016)
  2. Cyber confidence/concern: while 96% feel they have extremely/fairly secure cyber measures, 44% ranked their cyber worries at 8+ out of 10 
  3. AI acceptance: only 36% feel that potential job losses are a barrier to acceptance of AI/robotics (47% in 2016) and less overall concern regarding the drawbacks of AI 
  4. Digital transformation reticence: 46% consider investment requirement to be a drawback to digital transformation (35% in 2016) while 41% consider lack of staff expertise/skills to be a barrier (33% in 2016)
  5. Harnessing big data: more than 5 times as many respondents in 2018 (relative to 2016) believe that Finance or Sales departments will benefit the most from big data analytics.