Like so many others, a flying DeLorean is something I have craved since I first watched Back to the Future. Hence my delight upon discovering that flying cars are already a reality, and have been for some time.

Further research confirmed that, even better, mass production may be just round the corner. The race to lead this is being hotly contended by over 40 companies, the leaders being;

- Uber (expect a demonstration of a flying taxi in 2020)

- Google (working on a 'recreational version', timing uncertain)

- Airbus (testing at the end of this year)

The most advanced, though, is AeroMobil, who are already taking orders for an initial 500 unit run. A snip at just £1.2m...

Just as exciting is the potential role UK engineers could play in this movement to mass production. There are so many highly skilled businesses that have developed unique electrification, weight reduction and automated evasion systems (I have the pleasure of working with some) that could bring this concept to reality - for all.