My recent blog seems to have captured the current media sentiment towards diesel technology and some of the possible alternative solutions. 

The announcement by the Government on the ways in which it will tackle harmful emissions in our cities was warmly received in the media, although much of the responsibility will lie with local councils. There are plans for a scrappage scheme targeted at the oldest, most polluting vehicles; how this will be rolled out remains to be seen – the last scrappage scheme in 2009 was seen as a success in government policy. However, it will be harder to gauge how these measures will impact the wider new car market. We're beginning to see signs in the industry that dealers are seeing fewer enquiries for diesel-powered vehicles and manufacturers are keen to stress the features of new Euro-6 compliant diesel engines.  Jaguar Land Rover has recently explained they will be doing more to promote modern diesel technologies and why they differ from older oil-burning engines – I think this is a wise move given how much the industry relies of diesel-power vehicles and the investment made over the past 20 years.