Handmade, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand Lush announced yesterday that it is closing several of its UK social media accounts this week, saying it is "tired of fighting with algorithms".

This is another strong demonstration of the response to consumers' increasing desire for authenticity and transparency in the brands they choose to purchase from. At first, seized as a powerful marketing tool for brands to communicate directly with their consumers, has social media become a confusing dilution of contact that consumers and brands are beginning to lose faith in?

Gen Z is the most self-educated generation to date, armed with YouTube tutorials and instant access to a world of information online. According to WGSN, 62% of Gen Z beauty consumers digitally research beauty/personal care products before purchasing, driving authenticity and transparency as consumers become savvier.

However, with 76% of Gen Z’s claiming to discover brands via Instagram (Pew Research), is this a smart move by Lush? How is the brand going to continue to communicate effectively with this generation?