London technology firms turned over a combined £56bn in 2016 and a new tech firm was formed every hour. 

The spirit of tech-enabled innovation has been gaining momentum since the downturn. Not just at grass roots and established pure technology companies, but also in technology-enabled and traditionally non-technology industry businesses.

Consequently, most of our deals now have a material technology component, be it the core product, a significant enabler of service delivery and/or a key component of an advanced piece of consumer or business/industrial hardware.

In addition to core functionality, IP ownership, scalability, a development roadmap and infrastructure security are usually at the top of an investor/acquirer's diligence hit list. And longer term, technical human capital availability post-Brexit looms in the distance.

Tech-enabled businesses should ensure all these points are addressed in an optimal manner, documented clearly and revisited frequently to ensure effective commercial delivery and profitability – and to secure confidence (and therefore enhanced value) from future investors and acquirers alike.